Reduce the Guesswork!

Clients and caregivers can now benefit from improved compliance, decreased medication errors and avoid the inconvenience of multiple prescription bottles.

Even for those of us who try our best to take our medications properly, once we start having more than three medications to take in a day, it becomes difficult to remember to take everything properly. This difficulty is increased when we have to take some medications more than once a day or at different times of the day. Having all of your medications in one place will make taking medications at the right time much easier and more convenient. The Precise Prescription Service allows for all of your medications to be kept together in the proper order and in the proper amount.

The Precise Prescription Service is also convenient for travel, doctor appointments, hospital visits, and any other occasion when you have to have quick access to the medications that you take. In addition to having the medications all in one place the Precise Prescription Service lists all of the medications that you take on the outside of the box for quick reference by health professionals.

The Precise Prescription Service can even help with your medications that are not tablets or capsules. For example, to help you remember to take your insulin injection or to use your asthma inhaler, the packaging can be printed with the medication information in the same way that is done for tablets and capsules so that you will remember to take all of your medications as they are intended.