Trust the safe, secure, and simple medication delivery alternative

precise-prescription-systemOne package safely and conveniently packed with all your medication, the Precise Prescription System™ is an exclusive medication dispensing package offering unique advantages over current methods. Until now, this system has only been available to clients in hospitals and health care facilities.

Clients and caregivers can now, using the Precise system in their own home, benefit from improved compliance, decreased medication errors, reduced complexity and avoid the inconvenience of multiple prescription bottles.

The Precise Prescription System™ provides one convenient box containing a strip of individually sealed pouches – each containing the specific medication dosage required for the period of time indicated on the label. Each securely sealed pouch displays the client’s name, date and time of consumption along with a physical description of the medication.

All at no additional cost over traditional methods of medication delivery.

If someone you care for is required to take multiple medications, the Precise Prescription System™ is the perfect way to aid compliance. With the Precise Prescription System™, there’s no more fumbling for medication in numerous hard to handle pill bottles. The attractive and distinctive Precise Medication System™ packaging is easy to handle and securely provides the appropriate dosage and instructions in each individually sealed package. There’s little chance of confusion as the only medication available is the next scheduled dosage.

Help ensure the health and wellbeing of those you care for with the Precise Prescription System™.